About Us

We are a  mining company dealing with the extraction and exportation of Turkish origin semi precious and precious stones.  We serve  dealers ,wholesalers and cutting factories in several countries . Our major markets are China , India , Germany , Italy , USA .Our main products are Purple Chalcedony , Blue Chalcedony ( Vein type ,nodules, drusy , botryoidal ) , Pink Chalcedony , Purple Jade , Multicolor blocky opals    and some other agate and opal types . We also carry particular collection minerals like Diaspore and Kammererire in large variety . Beside , we are  involved in mining jointventure projects in abroad with our 20 years experience in gemstone business . Currently We have 3 mining claims in Turkey . Our specialization is Turkish Chalcedonies . We have had great work for promoting Turkish Chalcedony all around the world from USA to Japan . We regularly carry out prospecting works in different parts of the Turkey and surrounding countries . 

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